BubbleTop: Luxury Bubble Bars 

Stunning views over the city in the cozy ambiance of BubbleTop no matter the weather.

The savoir-faire

BubbleTop enjoys the savoir-faire of the French creator of Bubble as living space.

Pierre Stéphane Dumas and BubbleTree

Our technical knowledge, technological innovation and audacious ideas to create the brand-new reception space. And most importantly, BubbleTop has the expertise to answer the comfort, quality and security requirements to reception venues.


On rooftop

The splendid restaurant and bar on the top of a skyscraper’s roof. The BubbleTop. A subtle and magnificent venue designed to suit the specifics of the top of the tower, where weather conditions become challenging and the terrace itself may have certain requirements to the installation. The pure luxe and comfort offering a breathtaking perspective.

Rooftop Bubbles de BubblesTop

Luxury bubble bar or restaurant

​Time for dinner or a special reception. Enjoy your terrace no matter the cold, rain or snow and ensure unforgettable events inside the Bubble bar.

Une composition BubbleTop

Exquisite luxury restaurant and bar with views all over the city. The comfortable and intimate
ambiance of a luxury lounge.

You want something special ?

Contact us to tell us your project and expectations, we will be happy to provide a reception venue that will suit your unique events.

All our structures answer the security and legal requirements to reception venues. 


Your comfort is our priority


Respect of the environment


Strict respect of security norms


Wherever your location is.

Join us !